ScienceAF Workshops

Science Communication

Up to 50 people

In-person and online.

Learn the fundamentals of good, solid communication with a workshop focusing on fine-tuning your goals, audience, and message, plus a bonus tips and tricks from the creative world.

Available in 3 hour format, or a 5 hour combo with Narrative in Science.



Stage Presence

Up to 20 people

In-person only.

Being a great communicator doesn't mean anything if no one can hear you. Learn how to hold a microphone, professional vocal warm-ups, how to stand on stage, and more!

Available in 1 and 3 hour formats.



Narrative in Science

Up to 30 people

In-person and online.

Narrative is about more than just personal essays and storytelling shows. Learn ways to use story in your science communication - including ones where you cast the audience as the hero.

Available in 2 hour format, or a 5 hour combo with Narrative in Science.



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